Apple's Powerbeats3 Proves Old is Gold: They might be old but they still sound great!

Apple’s Powerbeats3 Proves Old is Gold: They might be old but they still sound great!

When shopping for a new phone, tablet or headphones it’s almost too easy to get into the habit of only looking for the newest and, arguably, best devices available. We can’t blame you, because we do the same thing. Shopping for new earbuds is the perfect example. If you’re patient and can distract yourself from the latest AirPods or Galaxy Buds models, you can save yourself some money and end up with a perfectly fine pair of earbuds.

Beat by Dr. Dre’s Powerbeats3 may have launched in late 2016, but that doesn’t mean the technology inside them is outdated. In fact, they use the same W1 chip from the original Apple AirPods in order to make those exact same magical features possible. Plus, you’re scoring them for just $77.99.

Tasks like the near-instant pairing, strong battery life, extended range, and syncing with the rest of your Apple devices are all functions that Apple’s special W1 chip provides.

However, you’re not locked into using an Apple device with the Powerbeats3. You can still pair them with a Windows computer or Android device as you would any other Bluetooth gadget. Doing so just means you lose out on some of those Apple-specific features.

The Powerbeats3 have ear hooks that wrap around the outside of your ear, holding themselves in place, and ear tips of varying sizes are included in the box to ensure a proper fit. There’s a cord that goes between each earbud, tethering the two together – so they’re not completely wireless. There are playback control buttons on the neck cord, so you can quickly stop and play music or skip tracks. And with the cord, you can take one earbud out and let it hang around your throat without worrying about losing it. Let’s see your AirPod touting friend do that!

“Apple’s PowerBeats3 are one of the best in-ear headphones that could be used for Exercise or your Daily Yoga. “

The Powerbeats3 are designed primarily for those who like to work out or run, thus the ear hooks and neck cord, along with sweat and water resistance. Meaning, they can take an occasional splash without any issues. Just don’t go swimming while wearing them.

With up to 12 hours of electric battery life, you should have enough juice to get through the workday and a workout without having to worry about running out of battery. However, if you forget to charge your Powerbeats3, you can get an hour of playback with a quick 5-minute charge.

Included with the Powerbeats3 is a small carrying case to keep your earbuds protected between listening sessions, and a small micro USB cable to charge them with. You’ll need to provide your own wall adapter for power, but any charger will do.