Apple Watch 6 Announced

Apple Unveils The Their Latest Watch “Apple Watch 6”

The announcement of the Apple Watch 6 also brought some new information about the Watch OS 7. Apparently, a new sleep app will use motion sensors to measure how you sleep. It’ll even include a motion sensor to gauge how long you wash your hands. In addition, VO2 Max values is one of the best ways to measure overall health. The Watch OS 7 can measure a full range of VO2 Max. You’ll even get a notification if your VO2 Max drops to lower levels.

Apple Watch 6 has a few new colors, including a great looking red. New health sensor will gauge Blood Oxygen levels from your wrist. The new wellness sensor shines infrared light, measuring the lighting that is reflected back. The brand new app will let you take a measurement in just 15 seconds. It also takes periodic background measurements – even while you sleep.

The Apple View 6 will be 20% faster than the previous generation. It’ll also have a screen that’s 2 and a half times brighter outdoors when wrist is down, allowing users to see it even in bright sunlight. Keen hikers will also be happy to know that you can see elevation change in real time on watch face.

latest Apple Watch 6 announced

The Apple Watch 6 will also have some interesting new watch face designs. Photographers will undoubtedly be interested to see that Lume will have a display that seems to show golden hour.

There may also be some new straps, including the Solo Loop. This features no clasp, no buckle, no overlapping parts and is just one continuous piece made from custom silicone. It’s stretchable, durable and swim-proof. It’ll be available in selection of sizes and 7 different colors.

Apple Watch 6 may also introduce Family Setup. One of the features will include the ability to specify what contacts your kids communicate with. There will also be automatic location notification and School-Time Mode to help kids concentrate. Family Setup will require a cellular model and is designed to give kids more agency and parents more peace of mind.

The Apple View 6 will begin at $399 / AU$599. It’s available to pre-order now and you can pick it up on Friday 18 September.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE could have the S5 chip from the Apple View 5 – it’ll also be capable of Family Set up if its a cellular design. It also has the same GPS, altimeter and accessibility sensors. It will likely be twice as fast as the Series 3 and will begin at $279 / AU$429.